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Posted by SilentSid1992 - November 28th, 2021

Hey! ... I have a Fun Idea! ...

write your own Cartoon Schedule !

imagine if you're in charge of a cartoon broadcasting channel instead of the shit-head feminists running the networks right now !

Organize your own choices of what should run and in which Order !

leave a comment and tell me what you got for it !


Posted by SilentSid1992 - November 25th, 2021

Hello everyone. I don't wanna make this too long and I'll broadcast this message on all my accounts that allow text posts.

Thanksgiving is here, and as you all know, it's about being thankful for alot of things in life ... so ... for me, I want to thank YOU! for being with me all the way until now. things didn't go so swell, but I know alot of you stayed with me to this point. Happy Thanksgiving! and hope for more great things to come in the future! 😉 💖 💖 💖 


Posted by SilentSid1992 - November 17th, 2021

OMFG! ... THIS IS PERFECT! XD - Toxic Femininity Exposed by Villainous . Miss Heed : https://youtu.be/4m1_nXXJLEw


Posted by SilentSid1992 - October 30th, 2021

Posted by SilentSid1992 - October 28th, 2021

Posted by SilentSid1992 - October 25th, 2021

once again on Tumblr : https://silent-sid-blog.tumblr.com/

Posted by SilentSid1992 - October 24th, 2021

Posted by SilentSid1992 - September 27th, 2021

Join me on my new Server ! : https://www.guilded.gg/i/krZz5JZk

Posted by SilentSid1992 - July 24th, 2021

GREETINGS AND WELCOME to my first attempt at Comic books surfing.

as some of you know, I am not a huge comic books fan, in fact, I barely know anything about comics, BUT, I do know stuff about cartoons and culture and even hentais ! ... so ... let's begin by a quick recap :

Cartoons are now SHIT, and I hate their political agenda ... I need more interesting entertainment, one that is not tainted with today's garbage, but still relatable to some extent to me ... and that what led me to start my exploration to comic books and strips for a change ....

NOW ... I like romance, I like slice of life, I like comedy, I like daily life humor, and most importantly, I like honest none filtered opinions and truths and decent characters ...

American comics seemed like the obvious choice, but I decided to instead aim for a country that is far less censorious to it's sexual and lewd humor and edgy stuff ... so , I picked France ... now ... I don't speak French ( tragedy ) , but I do know that they don't have the same moral superiority complex of US scumbags, so I gave it a quick surf try ... I'm not really done surfing yet, but I did find this page that was my first step into comic books :


it's always best to start the search with the most popular franchises known around the world ...

sadly, I didn't find what I was looking for ... but I did find stuff I'm already familiar with ...

1- Le Petit Spirou ... if I recall correctly, it's a comic about a little boy getting curious about girls and with his current life situation as a student, things get very interesting as the town is already working overtime to protect the innocence of children along with their religious purity ................ funny concept and it get really lewd from time to time ... the childish fun, pranks, carnal desires curiousity, high jinx and what not ... I really liked it ... BUT, my main problem with this comic is that it doesn't go far enough into the characters personalities and depend too much on satire ... but good none the less.

2- Cédric ... to put simply, a blond french boy fall in love with a Chinese girl and desperately try to win her affection, but usually fails due to his limited understanding to the world as a whole ... things get messy with the social life at school and the family dysfunction at home, but it's always a riot and happy at the end of the day, with Cédric love shining through his childish heart. I really like this comic, but I don't like the fact that I couldn't find it's conclusion anywhere ...

3- Titeuf ... honestly, I really dislike it despite the good humor from time to time ... it's about this boy Titeuf who is starting to be curious about girls, but end up making all the wrong decisions and cringe-worthy acts and statements that really get on my nerves ... and the art style is making things worse ... I did like the animation of the movie , but the comic, story and dialog just screams embarrassment, humiliation and failure ... I don't like such stories that has no bright side other than another day coming with worse things in store.

4- Les Blagues de Toto ... honestly, I don't know much about this franchise other than it's a boy who do pranks at school .... but regardless, I might check it later.

5- Lou! ... pretty much your standard teenage girl drama ... it can be good at times, but I couldn't enjoy it for obvious reasons.

6- Marsupilami ... FURRY FAGS, FURRY FAGS, FURRY FAGS, FURRY FAGS, FURRY FAGS, with a few human exceptions, but still FURRY FAGS.

7- Les petits diables ... EH ... typical kids trying to destroy each other ... boy prank his sister, sister get revenge on the boy, parents driven insane ........... it's not my cup of tea ... and the art style is not my type either.

8- Les Sisters ... siblings screwing each other ... that's pretty much it , but worst of all, both are girls ... so ... you know it's even more annoying when one is a boy.

9- Spirou et Fantasio ... O M G ! ... it's been so damn long ... can anyone remind me what it's all about ? ... I think it had something to do with detective work and spy stuff ......... but I can't remember too well.

10- Gnomes de Troy ... technically I don't know anything about it , but the style is so good, I'd like to know more if I could

so ... that's the results so far ... feel free to have a discussion here, recommend some comics or webtoons ... but I warn you, I don't want manga or DC/Marvel or anything with realistic body anatomy or animal junk ... I just want cartoony comic strips with people in it ( unless it's anthromorphic with human details, then I'll give it a leeway )


Posted by SilentSid1992 - May 2nd, 2021

my prices change from time to time , but here is my current prices and offers :

* Special Offer: since I have too many clients , you can get an instant draft commission for $25, while the long commissions queue is running slowly.

$25 for Single Character Draft/Sketch and extra $10 for each additional Character ( can be done instantly within one hour or less )

$50 for a colored Single Character and extra $10 for each additional Character ( additional Landscape/Interior cost Extra $50 )

$100 for Single monochrome Comic Page

$150 for 5 Draft Comic Pages ( example available : https://imgur.com/a/0IJKHt8 )

$300 for Single colored and detailed comic page

Notes :

1- NSFW is allowed but won't be posted in most websites

2- single-color , gradient , abstract , shapes-only backgrounds are added for free

3- under the new lower prices, the artist get more artistic freedom with the drawing and the client have the right to only pay after approving the draft.

Limits :

1- no scat

2- no urination ( depend on the situation, there will be exceptions )

3- no pregnancy , unless it's in an acceptable way

4- only furries with humanoid bodies are acceptable

5- no extreme body deformation

contact me :

Gmail + Skype : silentsid1992@gmail.com

Skype : live:silentsid1992

Discord : Silent-Sid 1992#0294